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How much does it cost to rent a photo booth?

Our photo booth rental company has the perfect package for your event. You can choose from one of our three best selling packages.


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Basic Photo Booth Package

$550.00 for 3 hours

Double Deluxe Diamond Package

$550.00 for 3 hours

Ultimate OMG

$550.00 for 3 hours


What is the difference between our photo booth rental packages?

Answer: Nothing.All our packages contain all the same services at one reasonable price. We don't believe in Tier Pricing where photo booth companies offer subpar service as a way to charge more for the services you really want and need. Each of our price packages provide the same popular services.

We have been doing this a lot. We know what creates excitement and memories.

You are probably shopping price. This is good. If you are a big spender we recommend our "Ultimate Package". You can tell friend you got the "Ultimate Package" for the "Basic Price".

No switcheroo pricing here.

Wedding Guests

Company party with Smilestogophotobooth

Possible Wedding Crashers

Services Included with Our Photo Booth Rental Packages

Unlimited Photos for 3 hours. Each guest receives a photo strip each time they snap a photo in our booth

Custom Logo on your photo strip.

Live Slide Show on BIG External Monitor

Really, Really big table of props, masks, glasses and wigs.

Online Photo Album. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Email.

Ninja set-up and takeaway. You won't even notice us.

Sample of Custom Graphics

Sample Photo Strip Graphics

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