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  Three taboos to requesting a photo booth rental   discount.

  Photo booth rental companies are generally small, locally owned businesses. So, “standard rates and services” can vary greatly. Each small business will have its own, unique pricing model. This can result in opportunities for event planners and hosts to negotiate price and services. Some photo booth companies will set a price and not budge. But, others have found ways to offer off the menu discounts (if asked for) while still providing exceptional service. All that’s needed is some flexibility from the event planner. So here is a list of three taboos that will prevent a photo booth rental service from conceding to a discount.

  Taboo #1; Renting a photo booth Friday or Saturday night.

  Weekdays carry a lower demand for photo booth rental services. This means many companies prefer to have their equipment out and operating mid-week, even at a discount, rather than sitting idle.

  Taboo #2; Booking a photo booth late into the evening.

Photo booth guest comment on what a fun and simple idea the photo booth concept is. Right, it is fun. But not simple. Photo booths encompass high tech, expensive and heavy equipment. Their simplicity is deceptive. After the photo booth closes, there is still significant work to tear down, carefully stow away and transport the booth. This means late hours for the operator. By employing the photo booth the first half of your event, and not operating late, many operators will concede to a discount.

  Taboo #3; Serving lots of free alchohol.

  Finally, photo booth providers are all for serving alcohol. Moderate alcohol increases the fun and lowers inhibitions (we guarantee every guest will have fun with or without alcohol). Many hosts encourage high consumption of alcohol for a rip roaring good time. If this is your type of party, your photo booth operator will be working extra hard to keep guests safe, equipment undamaged, and preventing photo bomb regrets the next day. We all remember the guy who sat on the photocopier at the company Christmas party.

Enjoy and happy negotiating!

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