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Photo booths make parties Unique

Family Photos are Priceless

Family generations n the photo booth

We all have cherished memories with special family members. Preserving these moments enhances our lives today and in the future. Photos from the past strengthen our bonds with loved ones today and tomorrow. Saving memories of our weddings, birthdays and life events become the foundation to each one of our legacies.

Life's Priceless Moments

photo booth pictures

A new and unique method to preserve life’s priceless moments is hiring a photo booth for anniversaries, weddings and family reunions. Photos and videos have their place, but photo booths offer unique methods of capturing guests’ personalities. Guests will find humor in dressing each other with bright colored wigs, hats and glasses. They will be at ease as they naturally choose friends to be photographed with.

Memory for a lifetime

photo booth pictures

The Photo booth won’t direct your guest on how to pose like traditional photographers. Instead each guest views himself on a monitor, strikes their favorite pose and presses a big bright start button. When guests create their own poses, their personalities bloom and brighten our hearts. Wedding photographers can never capture Grandma’s inner Lady Gaga or Dad’s superhero side.

photo booth pictures

Best Friends Forever

Family photo booth pictures

These photos are more than ink and paper. They electrify us with side splitting laughter. They subdue us with endearing love. These photos connect the miles in time and milestones in our families. Photos become the building blocks of our family legacy.

Family photos in the photo booth

Photos symbolize the pride of our elders in their children and grandchildren. Young generations will find comfort and guidance in family photos, whether taken yesterday, or 50 years past.


Family photos in the photo booth


Family photos in the photo booth

A Photo booth at your event will capture personalities in a way no video or photo director can. Pictures will print in seconds, so everyone leaves with a photo strip in his pocket and smile on his face.

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